Care Notebooks

As part of a Medical Home, Care Notebooks can be great tools to help families navigate systems and keep track of important information from different providers. Our C.A.R.E. training series also includes information on Care Notebooks.

Care Binders or Notebooks provide a family with a way to keep the Shared Plan of Care and other important materials organized when working with multiple providers. They are designed to keep everything in one place so that your family and your child’s providers are all on the same page. We can mail families in our region Care Notebooks or Folders if you email us and let us know which of the two options below you prefer.

A) 3 Ring Binder with clear outer pockets that includes 8 index tabs and a hole puncher

Picture of notebook with labels and hole punch

B) Color-coded accordion file with 7 pockets/ 6 tabs and elastic closure to secure

Picture of Accordian file

We also include a sheet to keep business cards in and a set of 20 labels to choose from in organizing your sections. 

  • Front Covers: examples of covers you may want to use. Some families use pictures of their children to remind everyone that they are at the center of the work. You could also use your CareMap as a cover. Some families might want to be discreet and have something abstract.
  • Medical Home Section- we suggest that in the front of your binder you keep your Shared Plan of Care……. 
    • What is a Shared Plan of Care
  • CYSHCN Resources Section

Forms: When sending you a Care Notebook, we send you one set of a core set of forms in Word which can be found here. We can mail you blank copies of any of these forms below, just give us a call. We also have individual copies of forms below as well as specialty ones. Some forms are different versions of capturing the same information so you do not necessarily need each form in each section below. 

Family History: these three forms capture very similar information

Education: forms to help you track IEP and school-related information

Contact Lists

Tracking Forms and Logs:  

Specialty Forms

The Epilepsy Foundation has specific forms to track seizures