CYSHCN Trainings

We offer a variety of trainings across our region with our CYSHCN Network Partners to empower parents.  Check out our front page for already scheduled trainings. Call Allison at 715-261-1933 or us the Contact Us form to discuss your training needs in more detail. A one-page description of these trainings is available in this flyer- Trainings-for-Families.

Trainings for Parents & Families

Youth Health Transition

Build Your Bridge: Moving from Child to Adult Health Care: Introduce and discuss when to start thinking about health care transition to adult care providers as well as offers helpful tools and resources.

Bridging the Gap: An overview of youth health transition with information tailored to different, mixed audiences (e.g., parents, teachers, nurses, etc.).

Dreaming Differently: To meet the needs of a unique audience, the “Build Your Bridge” curriculum has been adapted for families who are raising children with significant intellectual or developmental disabilities and medical complexity.

What’s After High School? A broad overview of the transition to adult life for youth with disabilities and special health care needs and includes the following topics: envisioning a youth’s future; post-secondary concerns; long-term supports; transitioning to adult health care; legal considerations; and supported decision making. Also available as a webcast at:

Medical Home

C.A.R.E.: A Medical Home Series for Families 

  • Caring for the Whole Family: An opportunity to reflect on the experience of learning that your child is developing differently. Resources and next steps are explored in a supportive environment.
  • Assembling a Care Notebook: How to create a ready resource that contains pertinent information for your child and their caretakers.
  • Requesting a Shared Plan of Care: Working with your child’s medical provider to develop a Shared Plan of Care which includes a medical summary, family’s strengths and goals.
  • Exploring Care Mapping: Design a care map for your family which will serve to show others at glace all of the people and resources supporting your child’s development.

Coordinating Your Child’s Healthcare Available as a webcast at: Help you partner with your child’s care team. It explains the concepts of care coordination, a medical home and integrated health care for every child. You’ll learn about tools, like Care Mapping and Shared Plans of Care, to help you keep up with all of the changes in your child’s world.

Did You Know? Now You Know!  An overview of private and public health insurance benefits, community supports and services and other resources for children with special health needs and/or disabilities. Also available as a webcast at:

Partnering with Your Child’s Doctor  Learn about tools/strategies to help you build a Medical Home (a trusting partnership between you, your child and your pediatric health care team) for all children & youth, including those with special health care needs.

Parent to Parent

Support Parent Training Prepares parents of children with special health care needs to be Support Parents for Parent to Parent of Wisconsin. Support Parents offer informational and emotional support to another parent raising a child with similar needs.